Need Advice?

Going to a Children’s Hearing and need some information or advice?


Where can I get advice?

You can get advice, from your Social Worker, Advocate (Advocacy Worker), or a lawyer. You can also ask a trusted friend or family member, or someone you know would help you at your Hearing.  

Remember; it’s really important that you get good advice, ideally from someone who understands the Children’s Hearings System, so it’s always best to think about getting help from a person who is in a position to help you.

Can I bring someone with me to the Hearing ?

If you’d like support at your Hearing you can bring someone to the Hearing with you.  You can bring a representative such as a friend or an advocate, as well as a lawyer.

Legal advice

There will be agencies in your area that offer free advocacy services for Children’s Hearings.  It can be helpful to check online or with your Social Worker or Reporter who these may be.  You can also contact the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance who can help you to locate an advocate in your area.

If you would like to get legal advice, you can contact the Scottish Child Law Centre  or the Scottish Legal Aid BoardAlmost all children and young people do not need to pay for this.

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