SCRA’s commitments to you

Our Corporate Parenting Plan has six commitments…

SCRA became a Corporate Parent on 1 April 2015. As Corporate Parents, we now have clear responsibilities concerning  how we interact, work and treat the children and young people that we have contact with.

We have been looking, asking and listening to you for a long time now and have already started to try to get better at some of the things that you have told us.  Our Corporate Parenting Plan lays out our commitments to you and how we will work to improve the service and experience that you will get.

We hope our plan works for you and are keen to hear any thoughts you have.

1.Your needs and rights

We will do our best to meet your needs and promote your rights.


We will give you as much time and good information as we can.

3.Your Hearing

You are the most important person in your Hearing and we will do all we can to make you feel it.

4. Hearing Centres

Our Hearing Centres will be safe, comfortable and friendly.

5.Your views

We will work with young people to help get things right.

6.Working together

We will work with other Corporate Parents to make sure we are all doing our best for you.


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