Virtual Children’s Hearings are continuing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

SCRA is working with all partners to make them as inclusive as possible, but we recognise there are some limitations to this. SCRA have been doing what they can with partners in the Hearings System to ensure children, young people and parents are as supported as they can be before, during and after their virtual Hearing.

At the start of lockdown when SCRA introduced virtual Hearings, they also established a virtual Hearings team to help all Hearing participants. They carry out a test beforehand, then ensure everyone can connect to their Hearing on the day and support people to participate.

SCRA want to ensure that everyone has the right information and advice before their virtual Hearing, particularly for children, young people and parents. It is really important they know about their rights and what supports are available. They have produced a suite of information material which is sent to participants before their Hearing and this is supported by additional information on their website.

We are working to reintroduce face to face Hearings across Scotland as quickly and as safely as we can. Face to face Hearings will only be able to take place with strict social distancing measures in place.

In the meantime, SCRA are taking feedback from people who have already participated in virtual Hearings to make improvements. Every person who has taken part in a virtual Hearing is sent a link to an online survey afterwards and we are encouraging them to provide their feedback.

If you are participating in a virtual Hearing, here’s some information which might help…

Virtual Hearings – top tips

Your Rights in a virtual Hearing

Questions and Answers

Getting help and support in your virtual Hearing

Giving your views in a virtual Hearing

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