If you are taking part in a virtual Hearing, we have prepared some top tips to help you in advance. You can see these below.  We hope they help.

These will be emailed to you before your Hearing, along with a more detailed guide about how to take part.


Battery charge

Make sure your phone, tablet, laptop is well charged (or is plugged in) as these kinds of meetings use a lot of battery power.

Good WI-FI

Vscene works best with good Wi-Fi. If you can, ask other people not to use the Wi-Fi where you are while you are attending your Virtual Hearing. This will help you have the best connection possible.

Join early

Try to join the Virtual Hearing 5/10 minutes before it’s due to start to make sure that there are no technical difficulties. Remember you might have to wait a few moments before you can join the meeting. The Reporter will let you in.

Quiet spot

We know this might be difficult if there is a lot of people in your house, but try and find a quiet place to sit during your Virtual Hearing. Be aware of who is listening in the room. We suggest using headphones if you have them.

Keep your device steady

If you can, prop your phone/device up against something, so it’s steady and not wobbling around.


Take a break

We know these meetings are long and it can be difficult to stay online for up to an hour. So if you need a break, it’s okay to ask for one.


Think about what is behind you in the background (as Panel Members etc. will be able to see this). Also, try not to sit in front of a window as you will be a shadow and people won’t be able to see you clearly. Facial expressions and body language are even more important when you are not in the same room.

Mute your mic

Please mute your microphone when you don’t need to speak – as they are sensitive and can pick up all noises where you are. Remember to put it back on when you are speaking! Remember – if you are using your phone or tablet, you won’t be able to see yourself on screen unless you are talking!

Your voice

Try to speak slowly and clearly so everyone can hear you. If you find it difficult to say how you feel, it might be helpful to have a pen/paper beside you, so you can write down how you feel and show it to the Hearing.

Any questions?

If you have questions about participating in a virtual Hearing, please contact your Reporter. Their contact information will be on the letter sent to you.

We also have a set of frequently asked questions which you can view here.

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