Young people from across Scotland have submitted their application to become a Board Member for Our Hearings, Our Voice.

The campaign ran from 3 September to 1 October to recruit children and young people to join the young people’s board for the Hearings System.

Young people worked with the OHOV team over the summer to create application packs and communications for the campaign.

Now the campaign has come to an end, the returned applications are now being reviewed and the team are pleased with the response.

Member of the OHOV team, Sophie Henderson said: “I’ve been involved with Our Hearings, Our Voice for a couple of years. The project is important to me as I’ve been through the Hearings System myself. I want to help children and young people – help make it better for them and more comfortable for families who are within the Hearings System.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for children and young people to get involved, because there isn’t a lot of Hearings-experienced children and young people involved in many things. It will be great to see them get involved and not be afraid of what people may think.

“I like to see people do well, so for me what I’m getting out of this is supporting children and young people to be the best they can be and help the Hearings System be a better place.”

Now applications have closed, the OHOV team are organising recruitment events. These events will be fun and full of team building and learning – giving the children and young people the opportunity to meet the OHOV team, the others who have applied and find out more about the Board.

Watch this space as OHOV develops!

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