Hi there, my name is Jacqui Dunbar and I started my new job as the Development Worker for Our Hearings, Our Voice on the 29th of January 2018.  I’m looking forward to supporting children and young people who are Hearing and care experienced to develop the very first Board to help improve the Children’s Hearings System in Scotland.

Jacqui DunbarI’d like to say a huge thanks to all the young people and partner organisations who’ve been involved in shaping the ideas for the board so far.  They have worked really hard to develop a framework which gives me a great foundation to build upon.

Our Hearings, Our Voice will develop a programme of commissions that they will focus on throughout the year.  These commissions will be decided on by the young people themselves, and my role will be to support them to take these commissions to the different organisations involved in the Hearing System to help create positive change for children and young people.

2018 is a brilliant year to be taking the next steps as we celebrate Year of Young People, we also have the next stage of the Independent Care Review and more changes in the law to make sure that children and young people’s rights are at the heart of the way we work.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be developing more information about Our Hearings, Our Voice and getting out to meet organisations who work with children and young people who might be interested in getting involved.  Our Hearings, Our Voice will be joining social media soon but in the meantime we’ll look to keep you up-to-date here.

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